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Delight. Surprise. Play. Ritual.

Every now and then, I get a phone call which goes something like: "I know this sounds funny but I was at a friend's house last night, and they had the most amazingly beautiful drinking glasses -- your glasses! I MUST have some!" That makes me smile -- For years, customers, friends, and neighbors have fallen in love with my creations and made Wileyware their go-to glasses for both every day use and special occasion gifts. Why?

Delight. Surprise. Play. Ritual.

These are things that make my heart sing and that I bring to others through the gift of my glassware. I believe every day can be lived with style and simple abundance. I thrive on the "A-ha" moments of daily life and make glasses that create those moments for others. This is my passion and contribution to the world.

I live in Seattle where the changing light and reflection on the cityscape, water, and mountains, inspires how I design and mix color within my glasses. I chart my own personal and artistic course and embrace my many roles: mother, homebody, adventurer, businesswoman, loyal friend and good neighbor.

I invite you to join me in drinking in brilliance everyday!

Marcia Wiley and her glassware

As seen on Handcrafted America!

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