About Wileyware

In Seattle, the land of Wileyware, we believe ~

The ordinary can be extraordinary.

That everyday household glassware should be functional and beautiful; that the same cup can serve juice to your kids or wine to your dinner guests; and that a hand-blown drinking glass can be a hand-held kaleidoscope.

Wileyware glasses are a gorgeous blend
of the elegant AND the practical.

Pour your favorite beverages and marvel at how liquids change color and sparkle. Hold them ---notice how solid and comfortable they feel in your hand and then imagine putting them in the dishwasher, fearlessly, day after day.

Drink in the brilliance of Wileyware every day.
Bring vibrant color and delight into your home and the lives of those you love. See how quickly these become everyone's favorite drinking glasses.

"I collect Waterford and Wileyware. I use the Wileyware."
-- Diane R., Ballard, WA

wileyware glasses

These are dynamic glasses.

Watch them sparkle, change color, and toss iridescence into beverages. An emerald glass shifts to deep violet with hints of teal. A tangerine glass looks lemony yellow and silvery blue from different angles. A hot pink glass changes to spring green when you tip it up to the light. You'll think they're wonderful; you'll wonder how we do it.

We make them one at a time.

We use classic glassblowing tools and techniques to coax a blob of molten glass into the shape of a cylinder, then we sandwich a piece of color-shifting dichroic glass in the base. We blow the glasses thick to enhance their delightful optical effects and to ensure that they will have a long, useful life in people's homes.

Enjoy your Wileyware ~ we'd love to hear from you!

-- Marcia Ann Wiley

To place an order and learn more about our brilliance, call us at: 206-706-6051

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