Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Care for My Wileyware?

  • Yes! Your Wileyware glasses can be washed in the dishwasher! They are dishwasher safe and lead-free.
  • We do not recommend putting Wileyware glasses in the microwave. The fabulous colorshifting sandwiched glass contains metals that will excite your microwave.
  • It's okay to put the glasses in the freezer to chill them. Please refrain, however, from putting hot beverages or boiling water into them.

What Causes the Magical Color Effects?

  • We hand blow each glass and add a specialized dichroic glass to the base of each glass (this glass does not come in contact with the contents in the glass.)
  • Dichroic glass itself contains metals which shift color based on the angle of light it receives.
  • When coupled with Marcia's special glass-blowing techniques, the combination of the dichroic glass and the special shape create the dazzling dance of light unique to Wileyware.

ENJOY a lifetime of use!

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